1.  Grant requests are an open item on our Agenda and shall be considered at every regular monthly meeting.  Emergency requests may also be considered at special meetings and closed sessions held by the Officers, when needed. Please submit all requests, bids & documents to Club at least 1 week in advance of regular monthly meeting. 

2.  Grants will be considered by the Club for athletic activities, events, needs, services or equipment.  Reasonable requests that align with our Mission Statement will be considered.  Requests that do not align with our purpose may still warrant an exception, so the Club encourages any and all requests.

3.  Requests may be made by Members, Coaches, Athletic Director, athletic and/or student trainers, school faculty or administration, teachers, parents, alumni, or students.

4.  Paper Grant requests or online Grant Requests (available via link on this webpage) should be filled in completely and at least two bids should be provided, if applicable. 

5.  It is not mandatory for the applicant to be present at our meeting, but it may be helpful if there are any questions regarding the request.

6.  All grant requests, bids and pertinent documents should be emailed to or faxed to (800) 311-3044 in order to be considered.  If you do not have access to email or fax, you may contact any Officer who will assist you in obtaining the request and converting it to electronic format. 

7.  Decisions on grant requests are usually made within 30-180 days at our regular monthly meeting, unless more information is requested.  Written approval or disapproval shall be provided to the individual making the request.